The Perfect Pant

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The Perfect Pant - this pant really lives up to it's name...

Comfortable, soft black fabric, and great fitting pants with style.  These pants do not get 'thin' when stretched like your less expensive styles!

Named "The Perfect Pant" because it is perfect in the three key aspects of any garment - Fit, Fabric, and Fashion. The fit and stretch fabric allow the pant to be worn in many wardrobe categories such as weekend/lounging, travel, and fitness/workout. The lounge pants double as travel pants, so you can lounge during your travels and still arrive in unrumpled style. Yoga pants feature clean lines and undistracting comfort. Since the fabric is machine washable it can be worn often without the expense of dry cleaning. The black color is fashionably appropriate for almost any setting.

The last, but maybe the most important fashion category which The Perfect Pant works in is maternity. Moms-to-be love the stretchy fabric of our maternity pants and maternity skirt that is comfortable and stretches to accommodate the growing body for all nine months.